3 places to go get your coffee fix in Rio de Janeiro

Now I’m not a snob in any aspect of my life BUT for coffee I think I am! Since making the move to black coffee around 5 years ago, the taste of actual coffee itself I so important and drinking something like a Starbucks just doesn’t quite cut it! I have to say, Brazil and Rio and in general wasn’t amazing for coffee BUT we were able to find three places that did the trick; so if you are like me and are a coffee snob, try these:

Sofa Cafe:

For me, this was the best that Rio had to offer in terms of coffee and all you need to know is that I turned up to Sofa in a terrible morning mood and left in a joyful buzz, great coffee!


I really like the ambiance of this place and the staff were incredibly friendly despite my pathetic attempts to speak Portuguese! The coffee was also very good and trumped a lot of places we had tried in Rio. Also they served avocado on toast which I had been craving since my arrival!

Curto Cafe:

So it took me a while to figure out that at Curto Cafe, you pay whatever you want! This is perfect for a traveler on a budget although the coffee is really good so you might feel guilty paying less than average!


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