5 game-changing books you have to read!

Anyone who knows me will know I love binge-watching TV series on my sofa; in fact I would spend whole weekends stuck there just doing nothing else. However before our most recent trip, we decided we wanted to take a break from TV and make sure we were doing something more productive with our time and so rather than watch Netflix each night before bed, we made the decision to read books that would help improve ourselves and provide us with a different perspective as how to live our lives.

If you have a similar addiction to TV and also feel like you are lacking a bit of direction in your life, I would definitely suggest considering having a few nights off a week (or give it a go for a month) from TV and read books that will provide you with insights about life that you would never have previously considered. In some capacity, everyone has to deal with negativity, both their own and other’s, and so I’m trying making to take control of things and make sure I am the one dictating how I feel on a day-to-day basis. For me the best way to do this is by gaining as much knowledge on these subjects as possible whilst also putting the theory into practice on a daily basis (still very much a work in progress!). On that note, the titles below are a number of my favourite thought-provoking books that could help change the direction of your life:

1. Manifest Now

If you’re not already, please follow the author of this book on on Instagram @idillionaire.  Everyday, she provides detailed, positive insights into manifestation and our ability to shape our own destiny, conditioning your mind not to put time constraints on success as you have the ability to manifest this now! Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly negative about something, she puts a post out there that speaks to me and the way I’m feeling, helping me resolve that negativity almost immediately.

Throughout this book, there is a particularly focus on the power of both positive and negative thoughts; everything begins in the mind and therefore it’s so important we try to work on what it is we are putting out there in terms of our thoughts, speech and actions. It isn’t easy to suddenly change a lifetime of negativity around a particularly subject but if you are first of all able to have an awareness of it, then try to reason with this negativity; then you can, bit by bit, begin to change the way you think and view certain things.

One of the main tools the book provides is the advice to start a manifestation journal, writing your goals and desires out each day so that they become part of your reality. Starting each day writing down your goals, both short and long term can really help you snap out of any negative mood and give the day some purpose. This is something I have started recently and so I can’t personally vouch for it yet but it’s something that more and more people who are incredibly successful seem to be doing and I think it will prove vital for me.

2. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that have a good job, enough money, someone they love, friends, family etc and so from the outside, they should be happy right? However often, when people achieve those things in life that they previously had assumed would make them happy, they still feel lost and unfulfilled. If what I am saying resonates with you then please take a look at this book.

It describes a hot shot lawyer who spent his life becoming one of the best lawyers in his field, earning millions in the process. After collapsing in court with a heart attack, he left the world he knew and went on a search to find out how to make himself truly happy and content and this book tells the story of how he made this happen. There are tips and techniques as how to make changes in your life but most of all, if gives you a different perspective as how life can be and that these changes can be made at any time, no matter how young or old.

3. The Alchemist

This is an absolute classic and one which is close to my heart. It is all about pushing beyond your normal boundaries and refusing to accept the reality in which you have been programmed to believe is possible. If you want a kick up the ass, then read this book, it will make you begin to have belief that your dreams can become your reality.

4. The 4 Hour Work Week

This, for me, is an absolute GAME CHANGER! I first read it whilst working in my office job in central London, working 50 – 60 hour weeks and believing that was what life was all about. Does the below sound familiar?

    • Getting up at 6am, getting home at 8pm
    • Wishing the week away so you could enjoy your weekend
    • A mentality that the more hours you work, the more successful you will be and the more you will earn.
    • Saving up your whole life to retire when you are too old to fully enjoy it!

This book talks about:

    • Working less but earning more
    • The NR (New Rich) which values time and flexibility over slaving away for wealth
    • Enjoying mini-retirements throughout your life when you are at an age you can really enjoy them
    • Cutting out irrelevant, boring tasks of work to focus on what matters

If you are in need of a change, then read this!

5. The Science of Getting Rich and The Secret

Ok so I’ve included these in the same point because the secret is based on the ideas that “The Science of Getting Rich” laid down. For both books, the idea that the universe is working for and not against us is prevalent throughout and that what you put out there in the universe, can and will become your reality. The notion that you need to compete with others for wealth, power and notoriety is completely rubbished. In fact, we are told in the book that throughout the universe, there is an abundance of wealth, happiness etc and through the laws of attraction, anything is possible. Like with a lot of books on this area, there is a key underlying message that anything is possible but the only thing that can get in your way is… you! To achieve what you want in life requires dedication, belief and the will to make it happen and so before doing this reading, make sure that you are willing to apply these qualities to the theories described in these books.

*** I wrote this blog a few weeks ago and have just started reading “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins. This guy has come up so many times through conversations with friends and through reading other books and so I knew I had to read one of his. Already I can tell I will be adding this to the list of game-changers so whilst I can’t provide any real detail now, I wanted to at least mention it ****


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