5 healthy eateries to keep you pure when in Tulum


1. Raw Love, Tulum Beach (photo from Raw Love Facebook)

This restaurant is part of Ahau Tulum on Tulum Beach and is a little haven tucked away in the middle of the hotel grounds. We went there a number of time solely for their smoothies but we also had their portobello burger a number of times and so for anyone who is looking to stay healthy but wants food and drinks that taste amazing, make sure you pay RAW love a visit.

Be sure to try: Portobello Burger and Berry Love (smoothie)

2. Co ConAmor, Tulum Town (photo from www.CoConAmor.com)

Spending half our time in Tulum town, we ate at here a LOT! The staff are incredibly friendly and seem like one big happy family and the food they served was always delicious; make sure to have the pancakes and the Mexican bowl (on different occasions of course!).

Be sure to try: Beet Burger

3. Del Cielo, Tulum Town (photo from Del Cielo Facebook)

I think this was Sophie’s favourite, both in terms of what they served and the setting (when we could sit outside). Their porridge was unreal and their smoothies are something I still think about now! Warning, this place gets packed so you will need to wait 15 minutes or so for a table at times.

Be sure to try: Guilt-free pancakes

4. The real coconut, Tulum Beach (photo from www.therealcoconut.com)

It’s amazing to find a place that focuses on gluten-free and dairy-free food but still also include meat and fish for those that want it. The setting was unbelievable, overlooking Tulum beach and the food was equally as memorable.

Be sure to try: Super Green (bowl)

5. Charly’s Vegan Tacos, Tulum Beach

We went here on our last night in Tulum after reading a really positive blog and it did not disappoint. I’ve only ever had meat-filled tacos in the past and so was slightly concerned vegan tacos wouldn’t quite do it for me but I couldn’t have been more wrong. After ordering an initial 3 tacos, I ended up having 7 and a desert.

Be sure to try: Chicharron Verde


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