5 places I would go if I had 4 weeks to travel Brazil


So Brazil is huuuuge and I realise I’m barely scraping the surface with the recommendations below but they are based solely on my experience and knowledge and so hopefully they can be of use to you if you are planning a trip to Brazil.

1. Rio

If you’re going to Brazil, you have to make sure you spend time in the capital. We annoyingly missed carnival and so if you can try to make that, I would strongly suggest to do so! I love any major city that has beaches; Miami, Sydney, Melbourne, San Diego, Cape Town, LA; I love them all and for us, Rio was just as lovable. There is always something to do in Rio, whether it’s going to the beach, paragliding over the city or attempting one of the many stunning hikes on offer. People warned us to be careful about crime but we actually didn’t have any issues whatsoever, although it’s important to be wary as we were warned a number of times by locals and tourists alike.

Closest airport – Rio

Recommended area to stay  – Leblon or Ipanema (recommend booking an airbnb here) for the beach and Santa Teresa (recommend booking a hotel via booking.com) for a more authentic Rio experience.

Suggested amount of time to spend there – at least a week

2. Paraty

We only had limited amount of time in Brazil and so we had top pick between Paraty and Trancoso between which to go and it ended up being decided over a toss of a coin but if we were to go again, we would be sure to make time for Paraty. From what we have read, Paraty is normally used as an overnight stop between Rio and São Paulo and just excuses relaxation and tranquility. It is surrounded by mountains and has a beautiful coastline, it’s worlds away from the hectic vibe of Rio.

Closest airport – Rio (4 hour drive) and San Paulo (5 hour drive)

Suggested amount of time to spend there – 1-3 days

3. Florianopolis

This place is where you want to go if you want to party but also still experience the beauty that Brazilian beaches have to offer. I would say that this would be more of a place I would go as a single twenty-something and not as a couple looking to have a relaxing time as it’s heavily centered around nightlife but either way, you’re sure to have fun!

Closest airport – Florianopolis

Suggested amount of time to spend there – 3-4 days

4. Trancoso (Bahia Coast)

This was probably our favorite place in Brazil and we wished we’d had the time (and money!) to stay longer than the 4 days we stayed. The beach is absolutely stunning, the people are so friendly and everyone just seems to move at a slow, relaxing pace; quite the opposite of the hustle and bustle of Rio! The pink skies at sunset were like nothing we had seen before and we made sure to savor every minute of sunset for the four days we were there.

The “Quadrado” is the centre of Trancoso where there are a plethora of outdoor restraurants and bars; at night this place is nothing short of magical, walking around will make you feel like you’re in some kind of dream. We were so adamant that we would try to cook when we were there to save money but the draw of the Quadrado just kept calling us every evening and we just couldn’t ignore it! It’s important to note that this magical place doesn’t come without a price, Trancoso is not for a traveler on a budget, even those restaurants and hotels that were “cheap” by Trancoso standards were still well above our daily budget and whilst we could have stayed there for weeks, 4 days was more than enough to take us well above our normal budget. That said, we don’t regret a thing and would return in a heartbeat….

Closest airport – Porto Seguro (then a 2-3 hour drive)

Recommended area to stay  As close to there Quadron as possible!

Suggested amount of time to spend there – as long as you can!

5. Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara (we had fun trying to pronounce it too!) or Jeri as it is fondly called by locals and tourists alike was not what we had really expected. From the blogs we had read, we expected it to be yet another beautiful beach town surrounded by the sand dunes we had read about. The beach wasn’t as quite as beautiful as we had hoped and was actually a little dirty in places with a lot of random animals roaming around the place. HOWEVER, there was just something about Jeri that we just loved; the little town itself came alive in the evening and just had that magnetizing buzz that kept us coming back every night and we had never seen a town like this surrounded by a landscape of sand dunes. To get to Jeri, you have to come via a 4×4 that drives you over the beaches and that in itself is an experience and kind of gives you a glimpse of the uniqueness off Jeri. Whether you are quad biking over the sand dunes to explore Lago de Paraiso, catching the legendary surf or joining the 100s of people who all congregate atop the sand dunes every day for sunset; there is always something new and unique to do and for this reason, Jeri is somewhere that stands out in my memory. I would make sure you stay at a place that has a pool so that on a day where you want to chill, you have somewhere to relax in the sun, I personally didn’t think the beach was nice enough to relax on which is my only real criticism.

Closest airport – Porto Seguro (then a 2-3 hour drive)

Recommended area to stay  anywhere is fine, all is walking distance to the beach.

Suggested amount of time to spend there – 5-7 days.


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