5 places I would go if I had 4 weeks to travel Mexico

So my recommendation are mainly made up of places I went to and places I wish I would have gone to had I not hung around too long in places like Tulum! You could travel Mexico for a year and not see everything you need to see so I’m not saying these are the only places to go, they are just the best to my knowledge!

1. Tulum

If you’ve looked at all at my Instagram, you might notice I kinda like this place! There are place you go to when you travel where you immediately get that feeling as soon as you arrive, like you know you could spend a long time there and be completely happy. It didn’t matter that the beach was overrun with seaweed or that it was almost impossible to find a good coffee, it was the kind of place where you feel good the moment you arrive right up until that sad moment you leave. Everyone seems to be on a similar a vibe and just there to have a nice, chilled time. BE WARNED; the beach is expensive and so if you’re on a budget, remember that this is the case before arranging your trip BUT don’t let this put you off! You can stay in Tulum town which is so underrated and has so many cool, cheap places to eat and you can cycle down (most hotels have free or cheap cycle rental) to the beach whenever you wish so you get the benefits of the beach without the huge cost!  There are also countless places and things to see/visit nearby including the stunning Kaan Luum (see below) as well as so many amazing cenote’s  so you won’t be stuck for things to do!

Closest airport – Cancun

Recommended area to stay for travelers – Tulum Town (would recommend hotels via booking.com as opposed to airbnb; our favorite was Wish Tulum).

Suggested amount of time to spend here – at least a week

2. Bacalar

Ok so we didn’t go here, which was a huge mistake but from what I understand it is the next Tulum in that it’s unbelievably beautiful but there aren’t anywhere near as many tourists  . I have a feeling that in the coming years, it will become more and more popular and may become the next place to go along with Tulum but for now, it remains an underrated, underestimated part of Mexico. There are no beaches but Bacalar itself surrounds a massive lagoon called “the lake of the 7 colours” because of the amazing colours you can see, I’m actually so annoyed we didn’t fit it in so if you have a spare 3-4 days, make the trip!

Closest Airport – Cancun

Recommended area to stay for travelers – Unfortunately we didn’t actually stay here so wouldn’t like to make a recommendation.

Suggested amount of time to spend here – 2-3 days

3. Puerto Escondido (Oaxaca Coast)

So I loved Tulum but this place has a special place in my heart. It’s a real surfers haven and so you’ll find that mosts tourists there are there to surf but it does have a bit of hippy feel to it as well. Be warned, the Wifi is pretty terrible but then again, that’s the case for most of Mexico so just use it as an excuse to actually enjoy the place fort what it is. The weather is so perfect, every day, we actually didn’t see a cloud the whole time we were there and, unlike Tulum and Holbox, the mosquitos aren’t quite as aggressive. We stayed in Punta Zicaletta because it was very close to Playa Zicalatta (the main beach) but had a little bit more of a hippy, authentic feel which we loved.

Closest airport – Puerto Escondido (via Mexico City)

Recommended area – Punta Zicaletta; if you are staying in Punta, I would recommend airbnb but if you are staying in playa zicaletta then I would recommend booking a hotel via booking.com – we stayed at ……

Suggested amount of time to spend here – at least a week

4. Isla Holbox

I would go here for the clear blue waters alone, coming from Europe you just can’t experience things like this back there and so it was a complete novelty. We were disappointed to miss the Flamingoes which are only visible at certain times of the year but in general, waking up to these kind of sights every day was unreal. Definitely rent one off the little golf carts to ride round the island, they are so cool! The perfect part about it is that you only really need 3-4 days to feel like you’ve done it and so is very easy to fit in in that respect; only annoying part is getting there as it’s around a 2-3 hour drive from Cancun and then an additional boat ride BUT is is 100% worth it!

Closest airport – Cancun

Recommended area to stay for travelers – Try to stay as close as you can to the main square but everything is pretty much in walking distance so no need to worry; here I would suggest booking via airbnb as we got a great deal and hotels seemed overpriced.

Suggested amount of time to spend there – 3-4 days max.

5. Los Cabos

So be warned, this recommendation isn’t for everyone! We had spent a long time in Tulum and we had friends staying over in Los Cabos and also we were able to arrange a number of hotel collaborations. The weather in Tulum had started to turn at this point, it was raining a lot and was incredibly humid but the weather in Los Cabos on the other hand was dry and bright blue skies for days, it was the perfect place for us at that time. We had numerous different aspects of Mexico and so we were keen for some downtime and some guaranteed sun and this place really ticked those boxes. If you are a blogger (with a focus on luxury hotels) or you are just wanting a bit of luxury, then you can certainly find that here in Los Cabos as there are a plethora of luxury hotels and resorts to stay at; we stayed with Pueblo Bonito, One & Only Palmilla, Hotel El Ganzo and Marquis Los Cabos all of which we would strongly recommend for different reasons. We also stayed at a few places via airbnb and most places have pools so this is definitely an option.

Closest airport – San Jose Del Cabo

Recommended area to stay – San Jose Del Cabo (this is the area that’s nice and doesn’t have a big party scene like the nearby Cabo San Lucas). Book via airbnb or booking.com depending what you are keen to do and your budget.

Suggested amount of time to spend there – if you are traveling to that side of Mexico then I would suggest at least 5 days to make it worth the trip.

TIP: Weirdly, they don’t seem to do direct flights between Cancun (for Holbox and and Tulum) and the other cost of Mexico (to Oaxaca and Los Cabos) and so you will need to go via Mexico City when doing this. Rather than pass right through, use it as an excuse to spend a couple of nights in the capital city, it’s so different to the places I will recommend below ands also gives you a chance to pick up any electrical supplies that you may have broken or lost (a common occurrence for us) or to get your nails/hair done (Sophie). We stopped though their twice and whilst we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as a definitely place to go, if you are passing through, I definitely would do that. We always found the cheapest flights through Skyscanner as opposed to directly not he airline’s websites.


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