The minute we decided to go to Tulum, Sophie was adamant that “we have to go to Azulik”. Azulik have done such an amazing job on Instagram that now when people think of Tulum, Azulik is one of the standout images, Covered in bamboo and quirky, instagrammable features, this place is a bloggers dream! We can certainly say that we have never and probably won’t ever stay at a hotel quite as unique as this.

The hotel itself is a maze, actually designed to make sure you get lost (they tell you this as they show you round) and take in the stunning surroundings and at every corner there is something new and interesting to gawp at. There is a team of “angels” on hand to help you with any issues and with one message on WhatsApp, you will be assisted immediately. The hotel prides itself on being eco-friendly and so there isn’t a lightbulb throughout the entire hotel, it is lit entirely through candles, a bit of an issue when Sophie was putting on her make-up!

Guests are encouraged to be free and creative during their stay, they can even be naked anywhere they want to be if they desire. We had the luck of seeing this in action; flying our drone on the beach, we witnessed a man stripping off to go an dive in the ocean. Any hotel that encourages this kind of behavior is clearly doing something right, maybe next time we will give it a go!

The restaurant, Kin Toh, set above the treetops of the Tulum jungle and offers a unique dining experience where guests can spend their time laying on a huge hammock suspended above the jungle below or dining in one of the “Nests” (see above), a design which is so unique and now synonymous with Azulik.

All in all, this was an experience and a stay like no other and one we won’t be forgetting anytime soon


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