Coffee in Cartagena, 3 coffee shops to help you get your daily fix

1. Epoca

Epoca was definitely our favourite coffee place whilst staying in Cartagena first of all because of the coffee and brunch on offer but second of all because the staff were just so nice and friendly. My Spanish isn’t amazing and their English was only a little better but we had a lot of fun communicating! For sure, if you like coffee, make sure to head to Epoca.

2. Abacus Books and Coffee 

We only went here once and it was passing through for a coffee but the coffee was definitely worth returning for another and the vibe looked pretty cool and a place I could see myself settling for an hour or two on my laptop.

3. Cafe Del Mural

Now this place is definitely a bit more of a walk and we only went there because I read that it was “the birthplace of coffee mixology in Cartagena” and as such we were able to both get a great coffee but due to the walk we had on our hands, we only went their once. If you are staying close by or you just fancy a bit of a walk to get your morning coffee, this is definitely a good option for you.



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