FlyNYON – Doors Off Helicopter Tour

So I’ve never been in a helicopter before probably because although I know it would be cool, I would inevitably get bored in the end. A bit like paragliding; you’re up there and you’re like “this view is amazing…. This is cool…. This is ok… I’m bored… get me down” and as this is 2 minutes into a 30 minute glide, you’re stuck up there, bored, for another 28 minutes!

Therefore, given my evidently short attention span, I knew I wanted to do something I’d never done before, something you can’t do everywhere. I had seen on Instagram a number of bloggers doing “doors off” helicopter tours and thought it looked a bit different and so when I knew I was coming to Miami, this was at the top of my list.

I knew FlyNYON ( were the guys to come to; they do tours in various cities across the states; NY, LA, Grand Canyon, Vegas etc and so after viewing their website and doing some instagram-stalking, I booked straight away.

Despite my GPS taking me to the wrong airport, I arrived just in time for the briefing. There were four of us and they took us up in two helicopter’s giving us more space and more opportunities to get a real 360 views of Miami; they could have easily squashed us into one helicopter but then the experience wouldn’t have been the same; to them, our experience was paramount. The whole team were really friendly but also really professional, they made it clear that they wanted us to have the best possible time and and to be able to see the sights that we really wanted to see.

They actually asked us where we wanted to go rather than have a rigid route, which I thought was great. Being a first-timer, I said “South Beach”, so we made our way to downtown and then south beach. I have to say, the whole experience of actually hanging myself out over one of the most famous beaches in the world was pretty unforgettable, as you can see from the photos below the scenery was stunning and I was given plenty of opportunity to capture it. People may have questions around safety yet there wasn’t one concern, I felt totally safe in the team’s hands. My only concern was my natural clumsiness causing me to drop my camera and creating havoc down below; thankfully this didn’t happen.

All in all, the ride took 45 minutes and was such an amazing experience. I am planning on being in NY, Las Vegas and LA at some point in the next six months and so I have a feeling I’ll be dangling myself above at least two of those cities in the near future and will definitely be calling on these guys!


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