Hotel El Ganzo

Amongst the plethora of luxurious all-inclusive hotels in Los Cabos stands a hotel that doesn’t quite fit in with the crowd; a hotel that values art, creativity and originality and whose values are evident throughout the property. The hotel itself hosts music artists and lets them record in their very own recording studio; located through a trapdoor in the lobby. There is a pool on the lower level of the hotel but it really is the rooftop infinity pool (see above) that, for us, was the standout feature of the hotel. With the backdrop of a 20 ft Star Wars trooper murial and what can only be described as a human fish tank (see below) in the middle, this pool was was like no other I had seen before.

They do have a beach club which is a short boat ride across the harbor and again was unique in that it had a long strip of grassy land flanked by palm trees on either side with huge hammocks hung across from each tree. Despite having other restaurants off-site, we ate every meal either at their on-site restaurant or their rooftop pool ceviche/sushi bar; both providing an unbelievable selection of delicious dishes. On the second night, there was live music with two of the most talented singers I had seen in a long time performing for a small crowd of us. We watched whilst eating dinner, not quite being able to believe what we were experiencing, the food was amazing but these guys just made everything seem that much more special.

This was a place where we really good have stayed for a lot longer and we often talk about going back with a group of friends. The design is unique, the pool is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, the food is delicious and the staff are unbelievable; why wouldn’t we go back?



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