La Valise

When the white beaches of Tulum began appearing on social media more and more frequently a couple of years ago, me and Sophie immediately added it to our travel wish list and with it, the hotels we we were keen to stay at. Encantada was somewhere which we initially had on our list; this was a hotel which had been around for 8 years and so was established very much before Tulum had taken off as a destination. However, the owners of Encantada opened a sister hotel next door just over a year ago, La Valise, and once we began seeing stunning photos from this new kid on the block, we immediately moved it to the top of our list.

As per the website, the hotel is a “Robinson Crusoe meets Crafted Museum-curated villa” which gives you an idea of how unique this place is, whilst there are a lot of similar hotels in Tulum, La Valise stands out from the rest. Its unique roof design, preserved on the villa that was there before it, is such a stand-out feature and was one of the first things that attracted us to the hotel.

We stayed in the upper beach front master suite which was so spacious; I would say it was as big than my apartment in London (although I will say London apartments are small!). It was a such a grand, luxurious suite but was also so uniquely “Tulum”, a combination which I imagine is very difficult to achieve. The hotel itself only has eight rooms and therefore it really does feel like an intimate, personalized experience with each member of staff taking the time to get to know you and really making you feel you are at a home away from home.

Whilst I do enjoy staying at large luxury resorts, nothing compares to the personal service and attention you get when staying at a smaller boutique hotel like this. The design is so unique and attractive, I spent the first 20 minutes with my mouth wide open, it was so impressive. It was the perfect place to come and unwind and get away from any sort of stress and after eating the generous and delicious breakfast, I knew there was no point in me moving from the hotel for the duration of the stay!!

On our final night, we were lucky enough to eat at Nu Tulum, La Valise’s signature restaurant. This was an experience I will never forget, the food, the service and the atmosphere was all amazing. I was greeted by the front of house who introduced me to the manager who was such a nice guy.

He showed me to my seat where I was immediately given the choice of a number of cocktails that I hadn’t heard of before but sounded delicious, I decided to take their recommendations and I wasn’t disappointed. The Chef and his assistant make a special effort to come over to me and explain the menu in its entirety. When I go anywhere like this, I like to take the lead from the waiter or chef and go entirely on their recommendations and this is exactly what I did here, something I didn’t regret!

It was four courses of absolute bliss, I had;

1. The Dry Fideo as an appertiser – shrimps, cilantro chimichurri, blue cheese

2. Pork Belly Taco to start

3. Octopus Whit as my main

4. I can’t quite remember the name of the desert but it was delicious!

It was such amazing way to end our stay there, we will for sure be making an effort to return in the near future!


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