Marquis Los Cabos

The hotel lobby alone (see below) is enough on your arrival to Marquis to give you an idea of the kind of hotel you are walking into. Everything is so large and grand but also with a lot of detail and thought gone into it. After check-in, we were led to our room and home for the next two days and were greeted with the most unbelievably stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Somehow, the stretch of ocean in front of Marquis was more blue, turquoise and clear than the other hotels we had stayed at and we were lucky enough to be waking up to it every morning.

One of the most amazing things about Marquis was the number of different dining venues on offer; we ate in a different location every meal and each time, the food was spectacular; our favourite being the outdoor Italian that only opened on certain days. I’m pretty sure my weight gain from Cabo was largely due to Marquis and the food on offer but I do not regret a thing and would do it all again.

Now from an early age, a swimming pool has always been a defining aspect of a hotel for me and as I’ve transitioned into adulthood, I haven’t changed at all, it’s still very important. This is another reason why why Marquis stands out for me; the shape, design and sheer size of their infinity pool was something to remember and also a drone enthusiasts dream (see below!) and I think it’s one of those things you remember for a long time after visiting a hotel.

Overall, the staff were amazing, incredibly attentive and on our final morning, brought us a desert with the words “we’ll miss you” spelt out on the plate. This might sound minor but when you’re there, these are the small things that add up to make a real difference.


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