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Well where do I start? From the moment I walked in, I felt immediately happy, this is exactly what I look for in a hotel. It’s so forward-thinking, modern and progressive but at the same time has a homely feel, something I think is so rare in a hotel.

The Room:

Let’s start with the room itself. It was incredibly spacious with everything you needed to make yourself feel at home. The bathroom was very modern, it had a massive tub that you could soak in whilst watching the TV (or speaking to your roommate) and was big enough for both people to navigate around at the same time, something me and my girlfriend rarely find in hotels (I normally sleep/watch tv whilst she spends 2 hours dominating the bathroom area).

The bed was huge and incredibly comfortable and they also had a sizeable corner sofa you could chill on, something I was in love with. Everything about this room, and the hotel in general, had a natural and organic feel to it, from the minibar snack options, to the triple filtered water tap, to the complimentary yoga mat, to the tree stump bed side tables; even the room keys were recyclable! Each night, I planned to go out but because the room was so inviting, I ended up retiring early and making the most of it as sad as that sounds!!


Plnthouse – this was my favourite. I’m not vegan but ever since addressing my illness, vegan/vegetarian restaurants have been an excellent and easy source of me eating clean but also having an amazing meal, this place was no different. The lighting and layout of the place gave it a real positive feel; the service and most importantly, the food were excellent. It was also right next to the gym which was perfect if you were going for a post-gym meal.

I Recommend – Cacao Green Smoothie, Lentil Pate, One Bowl, Thai Paper Wraps.

Habitat – This was also very nice, I ate breakfast and lunch here; both times the service and the food was excellent. As with much of the hotel, the ambiance is much of what makes the restaurant, it had a cool buzz which made me want to stick around for longer. I’m not usually a fan of buffets as I but I went to town on both their breakfast and salad buffet’s and was incredibly impressed. Everything was fresh and clearly nothing was left out for too long and what was great was that there were options to be healthy yet still have a big meal and not feel short-changed. I am trying to eat as healthily as possible but my greediness something I can’t change so I was in gluttonous heaven here.

I Recommend – Salad Buffet

Nativ Made – This is more of a quick-stop place that is actually in the hotel lobby where you can pick up juices, breakfast, panini’s, organic coffee’s to go and it just fits in so well with the vibe of the hotel.

Watr At The 1 Rooftop – This is more of a casual place to eat, either whilst lying by the pool or going up to catch the sunset/sunrise (see photo under “outdoor space”) and the food is little more lunch/snack orientated but it was still just as delicious as eating elsewhere in the hotel. Miami can be a little bit hectic and so getting up on the roof to enjoy a meal really was a a nice change of pace, watching the world go by beneath you. Be warned, if you go up there early on in the day, you will end up staying there all day without moving! I was ok with this but if you have plans, maybe set an alarm on your phone to force you to go downstairs to reality!

I Recommend: Polynesian Grilled Chicken Salad, Spicy Tuna Roll, Eel and Shrimp Roll.


Another impressive aspect about this hotel was the gym; I haven’t seen a gym this big at a hotel before. I am so used to seeing clunky old gym equipment confined to a tiny space; you just want to get out of there as soon as you walk in. This place was different, it had such a cool vibe to it, I think you would spend a few hours working out if only to stay there for a little longer. Something else which really stood out was the daily timetable of classes you could do, free of charge, as a hotel guest.

The most frustrating part for me was not being able to actually use the gym or take part in any of the HIT classes as for the first 100 days post stem cells as any intense exercise like this is not advised. That said, they had daily yoga classes and even a meditation workshop and so I went to three classes whilst I was there and was really impressed with each instructor.

Outdoor space:

The hotel has 4 pools but the most eye-catching of them all and the jewel in the hotel’s crown, is their rooftop pool. From prior research, this seems to be the best rooftop pool in Miami (please contact me if you believe there is better) and I can really see why; being up there for sunrise was a memory I will hold for some time.


There aren’t many hotels that tick as many boxes as this one does, I only wished I could have stayed longer. The location is perfect and is ideal if you want to go out and about but I would say one of the only negatives about the hotel is that it’s so good, you feel guilty for going out and actually seeing Miami! The price is something which has to be mentioned, it’s one of the more expensive hotels in Miami but I have to say that I don’t feel short-changed, you are definitely getting your money’s worth I am 100% going back there one day.

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