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I pulled up to the hotel with rain coming down by the bucketload, I remember thinking that “this wasn’t what I’d left the UK for!” Normally, weather like this might taint my initial experience of a hotel but not in this case. The valet ran up to my car to grab my bags and sheltered me with a complimentary umbrella and already I felt the negativity fade away. When checking in, the hotel manager made a special effort to spend 10 – 15 minutes with me, talking me through the hotel in terms of its facilities/services etc but also its rich history.

The hotel is very much a throwback to 1930’s Miami. The interiors were designed by Italian designer Paola Navone and his work here has led to it being considered a gem of the American Art Deco style. It has been restored to reflect its status as one of Miami Beach’s Historic Properties, and is even protected by the city’s Historic Preservation Board.

From a service point of view, the hotel staff were brilliant, attending to my every need and question; they even made a special effort to change my room without me really pushing for it. The whole experience just felt really personal, starting from the valet right through the the manager. I had been speaking to the director of marketing via email before my visit and upon mentioning this to the manager, he insisted I meet him. He was a 15 minute walk away, working in the office but immediately came down to talk to me for an additional 10 minutes. This might sound insignificant but for me, it made me feel truly valued rather than just another name on their computer.


The Traymore Restaurant:

The hotel had one main restaurant and whenever I ate there, the food was excellent, they made a real effort to accommodate my diet (needing to avoid gluten/dairy/sugar etc) and when you’re trying to eat as clean as I am, this is very important. Eating out on the terrace in the morning was so peaceful and something I wished I’d been able to do more than once.

I recommend – the breakfast buffet (although don’t go overboard as I did).

Room Service:

When I’m dining alone in the evening, room service is something I tend to rely on and so, surprising as it may sound, it’s actually is a big factor in whether I would return to a hotel or not! Normally there is a dip in the quality but not here; the food arrived before the expected 45 minutes and was actually as good as the food I’d tasted in the restaurant. There was also a wide selection of dishes on offer as opposed to the normally reduced menu you find with room service; I therefore proceeded to order two meals and eat myself into a food coma!

I recommend – The steak

The rooms had a cool minimalistic vibe, very much keeping in with the rest of hotel’s design and anyone with any sort of artistic flair would be in heaven here.

Outdoor space:

The rooftop spa pool boasts expansive views of Miami Beach and if you’re looking to take some envy-invoking Instagram photos, then this is the place for you! The location is perfect, right on South Beach and in the middle of the action and so you can’t go wrong if you’re looking experience to Miami Beach in all its glory. There are king-sized white beds which you can spread out on whilst overseeing the buzz of South Beach  below; I spent a good few hours up here alternating between the spa pool and the beds and it was surprisingly quiet and so was incredibly relaxing.

The main pool (1st photo) was perfect in every way; it had a cool, relaxed vibe with palm trees and lush greenery surrounding the area. Sunbed’s line the pool and there is even a hammock you can retire too if the beating heat of the Miami sun gets too much. The beach is only a few minutes walk away but I would guess that once you settle down by this pool, you won’t moving anywhere else anytime soon!


I really enjoyed my stay here, I got a really good feel from the place the minute I walked in; the location was perfect, the service was so personal and I was made to feel like I was their number 1 guest at all times, it’s definitely somewhere I would recommend to friends.

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