My Health Story

I would like to say that, fed up the daily grind of life, I courageously quit my job in London to pursue a life of travel and fulfilment but that wouldn’t be entirely truthful. 9 years ago, whilst traveling in Australia, I was bitten by a tick and my health hasn’t really ever been the same again. I began to develop many many different scary symptoms but after years and years of doctors telling me I was fine, I tried to live a normal life in London. 

Unfortunately for my body, at this time my normal life consisted of working 12-13 hour days, partying until 7am and pushing myself to the brink when doing exercise. I have an all or nothing kind of personality, whether that is working, parting or exercising and whilst this proved to be a lot of fun (and on the most part, my symptoms were contained for 6 years); everything began to unravel 3 years ago and my health deteriorated. Whatever had compromised my immune systems all those years ago had finally begun to win control and dominate my life 24/7. 

With every clear test/scan, I became more and more frustrated and desperate because no one could find what was wrong and I was talked into believing that it was all in my head. I’d been brought up to believe that what the Doctor says goes and so who was I to question their prognosis? My mum however, refusing to believe this, talked me into looking into Lyme disease despite having previously tested negative with the standard test they do here in the UK, something I since learned is no unreliable and pretty much pointless. I paid a lot of money to be tested privately through a German clinic and was confirmed to have Lyme as well as a number of other coinfections. This was 2 years ago and since this point, I have pursued a number of different treatments, traveling to Germany and India and, in turn, spending over £50k. I have gone from drinking/parting hard 2-3 times a week and eating whatever I wanted to being completely sober and avoiding gluten/dairy/sugar and given the severity of my symptoms, I have had to cut down on my exercise. 

So why am I telling you this? Despite going through all of the above, I still continued to work in a well-paid job in London and from the outside, live a seemingly normal life. However, I knew that whilst I was living this life, even with all the dietary changes I had made, I wouldn’t be able to get back to how I was before. Therefore, after deciding to go ahead with pioneering Stem Cell treatment, I have decided to quit my job and give myself the opportunity to recover. The amazing thing about having this illness is that it has forced me to do things I would never have done before; I have taken up yoga and pilates, learnt meditation, evaluated my diet, actually looked at improving mental health as well as my physical health and made major life decisions such as quitting my job and traveling the world. 

When I first decided to do this travel blog, I didn’t want to document my Lyme story as I was worried about it jinxing my progress and that it would frustrate me if I wasn’t improving. However, I know that so many other people are going through the same thing and it’s important for them to see how this is really affecting me, both positively and negatively. Whilst this page won’t be the primary part of my blog, I will look to include experiences, past and new here on my road to recovery. The support for the Lyme community or for anyone suffering with similiar illnesses (CFS/ME/FM etc) is weak at best; most people are told “it is all in your head” and left feeling as though they are crazy and so they carry on suffering in silence. Therefore, I want those with Lyme or those just beginning to look at it as a possibility to be able to refer my blog as a point of reference or some support. 

I have included more detail below regarding the treatment I have received so far and the treatment I am about to get / looking into. Anyone who has questions around the treatment I am doing or the various things I have tried, please feel free to email me and I will try to reply as soon as possible. 


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