NEST Tulum

Upon doing our research about Tulum (this normally involves me looking at Instagram and Sophie doing the real work!), we realised that there were a few places we really wanted to see (certain cenotes, Kaan Lum etc) but also a few places we really wanted to stay and Nest Tulum was definitely one of those. We have had a few friends stay there and given they have the exact same preferences, we knew it was somewhere we would love and it didn’t disappoint.

For me, Nest embodies what Tulum is, luxurious and stylish without being pretentious or too “showy”. From the moment we arrived, we were welcomed with open arms, welcome cocktail in-hand (from their menu or whatever we could come up with!) and it really felt like a home away from home. We had an upper ocean-front room and with it, spectacular views of the beach and were therefore able to listen to the sounds of the waves as we went to sleep.

Sophie being served cocktails and me being served guacamole & chips on the large luxurious white beds overlooking the famous Tulum Beach, there really was no reason for us to leave, Sophie was in her element! That said, Nest is in an amazing location with a lot of cool / quirky cafe’s, restaurants, shops within a walk or short bicycle ride away. The hotel offer free bicycles to use at your leisure and so we used them a few times to get a coffee and see a bit more of Tulum but in general, we wanted to make the most of our time here.

We only ate breakfast and beach snacks at the hotel but everything we had was delicious and I would definitely recommend the Ceviche and Sophie would recommend any cocktail on the menu! When we left, it felt like we were leaving a place we’d been at for weeks, not a matter of days and yet, the stay itself went by in an instant; I think we might just have to go back!


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