One&Only Palmilla



One&Only was a hotel we had always wanted to stay with right from the moment we first saw One&Only in Dubai when we visited a few years ago. So when we knew were going to Los Cabos, we were desperate to stay with One&Only Palmilla. Everything about the brand and the hotel in general exudes class and luxury; we have stayed at 5 star resorts before but this was a level above, the kind of place you imagine celebrities would go to hide away from the public (i.e. me and Sophie!!). The food was so good with the only negative being that I never felt hungry because I was constantly topping up and feasting at mealtimes.

The surrounding landscape is stunning and you do feel like you are in a secluded area of Cabo shielded from the outside world. Our suite was almost bigger than most city apartments and there was our own personal butler on hand, attending to our every need.

The only negative I can think when looking back on our stay is the difficulty of integrating back into normal life after staying somewhere like this; it took a while!


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