Papaya Playa Project

This place is just a dream!! It combines everything that is amazing about Tulum and with it’s unique rooftop pools, you are in Instagram drone heaven!!! The whole place just oozes class but also is incredibly unique and original, which is so tough to achieve in Tulum where the competition amongst hotels to stand out is so fierce!

We stayed for 2 days and were overwhelmed by the attentiveness of staff, you were able to WhatsApp them with the smallest issue and it was sorted in an instant! The food was excellent and being able to enjoy our breakfast overlooking the ocean was a pleasure every morning.

Something else we loved was the fact that this place is a party place at the weekend. We actually stayed in the week but returned at the weekend for their weekly Saturday party and they did not disappoint, the place was electric! What did surprise me was how clean everything was the day after, it was like a party hadn’t even happened. That said, if you want to chill and get away from it all, you can certainly do that at PPP, it was such a relaxing place in the week and we really didn’t want to leave!

We will 100% be returning!


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