Pueblo Bonito

From the moment we arrived at Pueblo Bonito to the moment we left, we were treated like royalty but also like part of the family, our ‘butler’ for the duration was called Leopold and upon meeting him, we knew we had met someone who was going to really add to our stay and make it memorable. His knowledge about the resort and the surrounding areas was so impressive, he literally knew everything about anything and was always on hand to assist with any questions we had.

On day one, we were taken to our reserved cabana where we were to be served lunch and cocktails (for Sophie!!) and couldn’t quite believe how personal they were making our stay, it was clear they didn’t want you to feel like another guest, you were guests they valued and you knew about it. This was then followed up with amazing spa treatments, more cocktails in their VIP lounge and to top it off, dinner in their signature restaurant. After only one day, we knew we would find it difficult to leave!

We woke up on our second day to breakfast laid out on the beach and with our names written out in the sand in front of our table overlooking the ocean. They were really continuing their effort to make this a personal experience for both of us and this was highlighted further when our waiter for the morning had remembered all of our small preferences from the day before. That evening, we were chauffeured to the resort’s steak restaurant on the golf course and we were welcomed like old friends with the manager making a real effort to come and chat with us for 15-20 minutes before we ate our delicious steak dinners, again adding to the personal touch.

On our final morning after stuffing ourselves with our in-room breakfast, we were walked from our room to our waiting transfer by our new friend Leopold. Normally when you leave a hotel, it’s nice when your bags are taken down for you and loaded into your waiting taxi but here, you have someone walking you from your door to your car, making you feel like you’re getting preferential treatment (even though we knew they are like this with all their guests). As you can tell, for us, the running theme throughout our stay at Pueblo Bonito was their ability to make us feel like we were their most valued guests and that our enjoyment and comfort was paramount. We wish we’d had longer to continue our time there and our friendship with Leopold but there’s always next time…..


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