About Me

My name’s Phil, I’m a pretty normal guy who had a normal upbringing; went to university, went traveling and then moved to the city (London) to get a job, work hard, drink a lot, sleep very little and earn loads of money in the process. That doesn’t sound like the type of person who would drop everything to go traveling does it? What I haven’t mentioned is that before living this hectic city lifestyle, I had picked up some mysterious illness from a tick bite whilst in Australia at the end of 2008, something I later found out was Lyme disease. 

Initially, my symptoms were contained enough that it wouldn’t affect me 24/7 and despite knowing something wasn’t right, I got on with living the typical London life. However, three years ago, everything unravelled and my symptoms began to dominate every waking second of my life, not allowing me to focus on much else. 

I went from being out 3-4 times a week, playing football, going to the gym and eating whatever I liked to restricting my diet (sadly including alcohol), restricting my levels of exercise and pretty much living a restricted and, in my opinion, boring life. All the things I loved doing, I either had to cut them out or opt for a more watered-down version; my life felt like it was on pause. 

It was at this point that I had a choice to make, I could either try to get better whilst living the normal 9-5 (or 8-7 in London!) and still have the safety of a pay cheque coming in every month or I could break away and make some significant changes in my life. So after living this life of limbo for three years, I decided enough is enough, it was time for me to get better and have a lot of fun whilst doing it.  

I have left my job, left London and I’m confident that I’ll not only get back to how I was, but that I’ll be better than I was before. That is actually the huge positive of my situation, it has forced me to evaluate the speed at which I was living my life, my diet, my mental well-being but most significantly, it has forced me to escape the rat race and explore the world, something I definitely wouldn’t have done had I been healthy. 

The last time I went traveling, I was straight out of university and so the large majority of it is a drunken blur (great times!), however this time things inevitably will be different. My traveling is going to be focused on seeing as much cool stuff as possible as well as exercise, clean-living, clean-eating but then as I begin to feel better, I will begin to include some crazy parties around the world (I don’t think this aspect of me will ever change!!). 

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